PhageLab Raises $11 Million to Develop Bacteriophage Solutions to Treat Bacterial Outbreaks in the Livestock Industry

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PhageLab has achieved a remarkable milestone in their journey of scientific discovery and innovation, securing a substantial $11 million in capital. This infusion of funds is a resounding affirmation of PhageLab's vision and dedication, setting the stage for an even more significant expansion within Latin America.

With this financial empowerment, PhageLab is poised to continue growing, scaling new heights, and showcasing the dynamic influence of Chilean biotechnology on a global scale. The commitment and expertise demonstrated by this talented team underscore the transformative potential of Latin American science, and their success serves as an inspiring emblem of progress not just for the region, but for the world at large. Congratulations to PhageLab on this outstanding achievement; they are truly a beacon of hope and a model of excellence for the continent and beyond.

The funding will enable PhageLab to advance its pipeline of phage-based solutions and establish a commercial position in Brazil, its main target market and expand its technology into the US. PhageLab will also use the funding to expand its global team, which currently has close to 100 employees across Latin America and Europe.